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The app which is already widely used as a dating service app in different parts of the world will officially launch in Uganda with a singles party dubbed ‘Chizo Singles Ball Party’ slated for Valentine’s Day at Fames bar, along Acacia Avenue.

There are different teams managing Chizo in different countries and in Uganda, such as Alice Nakidde, Rinah Eupal, Felix Eupal, and Nambi Damauya.

I’ve been promised love, marriage, children (natural and adopted), meeting the family and even a house overlooking Lake Victoria! It’s quite usual for your male Ugandan suitor to be: Make your own mind up ladies but don’t believe everything you hear. Experience Uganda with me: cultural (mis)interpretations, expat travel advice, travel and tourism, wildlife and birds, Safari field trips, conservation, East African culture, volunteering and the occasional cross-border bus journey.

Enjoy the moment, as that’s probably all it is, despite what they say.

Thsnks for taking your valueable time to read th am Christian lady who love God and i respect serious and i want a good man who loves Jesus and can be able to take care of his wife .i will do the same to my future husband. To love someone is madness, to be loved by someone is a gift, loving someone who loves you is a duty, but being loved by someone whom you love is life.

I don't have luxurious things to give but I'm ready to meet that special someone with whom we can join together and build a very beautiful and lovely future for life through Jesus, .

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