Setup validating form

Forms are the traditional way for most web applications to gather significant information from the user.Whether it's a search form, a login screen or a multi-page registration wizard, Tapestry uses standard HTML forms, with HTTP POST actions by default.Forms are a foundational element for lead generation landing pages.

You can also add text fields that you name yourself, checkboxes, radio buttons, custom and pre-made dropdown menus, or hidden fields - which can be useful with some of our advanced features and integrations.

There are several more advanced uses of forms including pre-filling form fields, UTM tracking, and multi-step forms. Name and email are set as required fields and email will automatically validate email addresses to ensure that an actual email is used.

If you add a phone number field you can set it to validate for different regions.

By default, the error container will be appended to the input's parent container.

You can however change that using this option, the error container will be appended / prepended to the input's closest container.

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