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It also gives you the opportunity to phone your friends and family at home and share your Iceland experience through social media.• Flexibility.

With comprehensive maps and your own vehicle, drive at your own pace. • Visit the must-see attractions of the Golden Circle at your own pace.• Travel in the footsteps of the Viking Sagas in Borgarfjordur and surrounding area.• View the mystical lava columns on a black sand beach• Explore the surreal volcanic beauty of the Reykjanes Peninsula´s Geopark (UNESCO designation)• With an easy upgrade of your rental car to a 4wd, you can travel through the highland track of Kaldidalur, a mountain pass between two glaciers in the south.

"Local government in Scotland is broken and we are fighting an uphill battle every day," she said.

"I’m wondering where on earth this is going to end.

Traverse the Kjölur mountain track straight through Iceland’s uninhabited interior highlands."That is so wrong given the importance of the budget for people who rely on local services and for our employees who quietly get on with their job, stretched now to their absolute limits."We are seeing increased interference in local government."For the second year the Scottish Government has presented a one-year budget and this creates problems for local government and the organisations we support, it makes organising and financial planning very difficult."The least we should expect is a process that is transparent and informative but this budget was neither.

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