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The duty to accommodate requires employers to make every reasonable effort, short of undue hardship, to accommodate workers who fall under a ground of discrimination within human rights legislation.

An important Supreme Court decision (“Meiorin”) defined what the duty to accommodate means.

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This is what the court said: Standards must provide for individual accommodation The employer must take all steps short of undue hardship to eliminate discrimination related to human rights grounds.

For example, policies, procedures, requirements, standards and practices must be designed to ensure that those who have a lower level of visual acuity, or those who require a private area in which to conduct prayers, or those who require modified work hours for family care responsibilities, do not encounter barriers in the first place.

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According to social identity theory, people strive to maintain a positive social identity by either joining groups where they feel more comfortable or making a more positive experience of belonging to the groups they already belong to.

If a policy, procedure, requirement, standard or practice is already in place then these must be revoked or replaced by one that is not discriminatory, unless it is found to be a Bona fide Occupational Requirement (BFOR) .

NIFS has recently updated the weight room, including seven new half racks.

Other videos showed the man pacing around the plane’s cabin with blood dripping from his mouth.

The Internet mocked United’s responses mercilessly. The popular consumer affairs blog Consumerist called on readers to tweet their definitions of “re-accommodate,” which included the simple yet effective, “Knock a man out and drag him away.” The slang website Urban Dictionary also posted a definition, reading, “to beat up and violently drag paying passengers off an airplane in order to make room for airline crew on stand-by.” And Joe Thomas, an offensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns, offered a visual explanation of “re-accommodate”: Jack Holmes of Esquire argued the statements from United were as bad as the incident itself.

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