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The typical universal definition of the term "housewife" is a woman who manages her own household as her career - like a "homemaker".

That type of housewife is married - and I am not referring to married women!

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Carole has traveled the world for ABC and has won several awards, including Emmys, a Peabody, a Robert F. You won’t catch Kenworthy ordering a steak or eggs anytime soon—he’s just not that kind of guy.

For the longest time in their relationship, Radziwill didn’t know that her own boyfriend was vegan!

So Carole wasn’t aware of that for the longest time until she started to realize ‘You never order meat when we go out.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, no yeah, I don’t really eat meat or eggs or dairy or meat.'” fame has earned him a decent following on Instagram and now he’s getting recognized for dating a housewife.

Types of Women - Housewife A "housewife" is significantly different than the previously-described "housecat" woman - even though they might seem to imply similar qualities, they actually do not.

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