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I was quite tired last week after I went to hospital with pains but I’m better now and feel rested and relaxed!I’ve got my 20 week baby scan on Monday so that’s really exciting, this is the last one before I give birth and then I’m free to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy!Here's everything you wanted to know and didn't dare to ask about Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy dating from NY writer Carla...During the summers when I worked in the Hamptons in New York as a nanny, I'd celebrate the end of a gruelling 9-hour day by grabbing a drink in East Hampton.It was really good fun and the response was really good, I found it quite therapeutic as well, it’s nice because where I’ve been with my life recently for the past 8 months anything I say people twist it, so it’s nice to go on there and have my say and they can’t do that.

There's one thing we're always on the same page about, though: My breasts aren't "trendy." I'm going to say it again, for the folks in the back—or, more pointedly, those at , who decreed we're in the midst of a "big boobs" renaissance in a recent editorial.I'll be taking my mum Pauline and brother for the last one.Last week I went on Loose Women as a panellist instead of a guest, it was just like being with my aunties, I love it it’s like being at home!One night, when a girl who couldn't have been older than 21 breezed past in stiletto heels and a killer mini from Topshop, a woman who was also having a solo drink leaned over and said: "That girl is a sugar baby."Right on cue, the girl in question turned around and squealed, "DADDY! (And based on the pinch he gave her on the butt, I’m certain it was NOT her actual daddy.)I’ve often wondered who these women are - college students, single moms, or simply thrill seekers? An “Angel Baby” is a term reserved for a woman who “has made Sugar Daddy Dating her career and she usually needs a budget of at least ,000 a month just to cover the bare essentials.” Wow, right?Angel is clearly the perfect woman to get the inside scoop on being a sugar baby.​“There are so many great reasons for becoming a sugar baby,” she tells me.

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